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It has been a little over 3 years since I penned my first (tiny) blog post. It feels like an eternity.
People often ask me why I blog. Many approach me intending to mock and ridicule, saying it is nothing important and I ought to stop wasting my time. A few people approach me with shocking stories of God’s work through my blog. The former I am used to and they don’t wreck me anymore. The latter are always unbelievable and (ironically enough) make me feel really small and insignificant. Whatever the case, here I blog and can do no other. But why? (And should you join me?)

1. You can form great relationships

Some of my close friends I met or engaged best through blogging. Whether someone read my blog and became my friend, or I read theirs and sought them out, blogging can be used to bring people together. In his book Tribes, author and marketing guru Seth Godin states that today’s Internet world is all about making relationships and forming/joining a tribe. There is so much information out there the best way to parse it and understand it is through your tribe and through your relationships. Blogging is one very good way to do join a tribe, learn, and make relationships.

2. You learn valuable skills

I have taken about six years’ worth of college, collecting two separate AA degrees and a BA under my belt. I have learned a great deal about writing and communication, yet I really honed my writing ability through blogging. The sheer mass and volume of content I have written during the last three years of blogging far surpasses that from six years of college combined. They say practice makes perfect; well blogging provides plenty of practice, and then some. In addition to simply writing, it helps your thinking. It’s like working out, you stress your brain muscle, and it grows.

3. You grow in theological knowledge

In any college or school one of the greatest teaching tools is the dreaded research paper. I don’t remember much from lectures in Biology, but I can remember almost everything from the long essay I had to write on abiogenesis. That is precisely the reason any good professor will insist students write papers, for that is one of the greatest teaching tools in existence. Education is basically reading, critical thinking, and writing. By doing those three things for many years at a university, you can become a PhD. Blogging will put you on the spot and give you the opportunity to do just that. I have learned a great deal by studying and writing  things out. Some of the greatest changes in my theological convictions resulted from reading the Bible, and writing out what I read.

4. You help others by sharing experiences

There are many people that are going through something excruciating, hard, shameful, or frightening. And on top of that, they feel they are completely alone in their sorrow or fear, or that no one else has dealt with this issue. Perhaps they will start to think they are worse than everyone else, or that God loves them least. Or maybe they will become hard and closed off to the world, thinking they are too different to ever be accepted. In any case, their isolation can lead to depression and hopelessness. By sharing about your life, fears, failures and thoughts, you can subdue the isolation they feel and produce godly kinship in your common experiences.

5. You help others by giving advice

I have previously written about how reading a friends blog post resulted in my obtaining a promotion. Here is the deal, we are not born knowing everything, in fact we are born knowing nothing. Everything I know I was taught in some shape or form. I can guarantee you there are things you know that others don’t know, but would be greatly helped by. I know there I things I have learned from my friends blogs that have been immensely helpful to me. I try to do that for others, and perhaps you ought to join me.

6. You throw good ideas into the stream of culture

We live in a world where a small percent of people lead the culture. This no longer happens at the threat of a powerful dictator, who commands everyone to do as he pleases. Instead, the small percent includes notable voices who shout out their messages in film, music, art, literature, newspapers, and other creative and intellectual outlets. They create a stream and it flows downhill to everyone else. There are a ton of bad ideas and smut in this stream. Instead of submissively absorbing it, or passively ignoring it, join the stream and throw in good ideas. Reject the bad and replace it with good. Alone, you amount to nothing, but as a part of a great big movement, you can do great things. Alone one guy railing against pornography won’t do much; but imagine a million bloggers daily denouncing porn and it’s dangers.

7. You reach people where they are easy to reach

In the past if you wanted to preach the Gospel you would need to travel and speak to someone, or at least send them a physical letter. Today they are literally a click of your mouse away. And more so, many people who will barricade their doors against creepy dudes in suits with Bible’s may just read what you have to say online because it’s less threatening and inconvenient.  While people are out and about looking at cat pictures and stupid youtube videos, you can offer them eternal truths from God’s word.

8. You can rebuke people instead of being filtered

For most of human history, you could only speak to the public if you had authority in the eyes of people. The Pope could tell a lie and everyone would believe and accept him. And when a peasant woman would try to correct him with the truth, everyone would refuse to let her speak. Today, for the first time in history, you have the ability to speak without being filtered. In my old church I was forbidden to say that wearing jewelry or jeans is not a sin, yet online I said it without being filtered (though that did have its consequences). There are plenty of times when we as humans make mistakes. It is fortunate when we are led to repent, but other times, we need to be rebuked and reminded of it. We all need this service at one time or another.

9. You can grow in Christian maturity

When I adopted a disciplined approach to blogging and made a commitment to post regularly I did not know what I was in for. It was and is hard work, and it takes much time. It is a sacrifice for me. I could very well be goofing off on the internet and reading hilarious meme’s, but instead (somehow by Gods Grace) I discipline my mind and body. (I still can’t believe I’m doing it, which surely means God is helping). When you begin to write about the Bible you will find it’s a spiritual discipline that will pay off in your spiritual growth.

10. You can glorify God by this small step

This here is the most important point. First off, you can glorify God through just about anything so long as its not sin. Yet, knowing that I have a chance to write of the crucified Christ, of the atonement for our sins, of the glorious Creator, of His work of redemption, of His magnificent Grace, always fills me with delight. And God is glorified when we are satisfied in Him, and if you write about that satisfaction in Him, you will get to share that God-glorifying delight in your heart with others. God is pleased when His children lovingly enjoy him and tell others of their joy.

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  1. Hey man this was a sick article. You gave a lot of good reasons that were awesome on why they should blog. I definitely got a lot out of it and might start blogging!

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