4 ways to be a reliable man.

reliable man

Most “young guys” (which means ‘not fully a man, but too large to be called a boy’) are afflicted with a disease called wimpyboywitharazoritis. The cure for this disease is a steady regimen of repentance, responsibility, & reliability. You need all three; I needed them all to be cured myself. So man up and become reliable

1. Keep your promises.

There is nothing worse than a man who does not keep his promises. Many a grandfather has told his grandson the truth, “you are only as good as your word.” It’s true. What people think of you, your life, family, ministry, vocation, business depends on you keeping your promises. I often worked with “young leaders” from many churches who, like me, made promises they never kept. Men keep promises, boys keep books full of excuses.
“Learn to say ‘No’ with decision, ‘Yes’ with caution; ‘No’ with decision whenever it resists a temptation; ‘Yes’ with caution whenever it implies a promise. A promise once given is a bond inviolable.” Lord Bulwer Lytton,

2. Don’t live by others expectations

A boy is too scared to do what his conscience compels him to do, instead he lives according to others expectations. You promised your wife to change her tires, but friends/family are asking you to spend time with them instead?. Often it will be hard and those close to you will hate you when you stop living by their expectations, but be a man and do what is right, not what others will like you for.
“Never be ashamed to say, whether as applied to time or money, ‘I cannot afford it.’—’I cannot afford to waste an hour in the idleness to which you invite me—I cannot afford the coin you ask me to throw away.’ Lord Bulwer Lytton

3. Don’t oversell

This is the most annoying childish quality in a full grown man/boy. Promising things that are highly unrealistic and not tangible. Acting hyper-enthusiastic to get everyone riled up and then never delivering the promised results. Whether as a salesman or a churchman, this is a disaster. In fact I know a few clergy like this, who often promise from the pulpit and their promises never come true. It’s a shame.
“A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” -Albert Einstein

4. Don’t leave others in doubt.

My sub-culture is famous for coming late, avoiding phone calls, nonchalantly missing appointments, not returning voicemails. I’d often sit and drive with a friend, being 30 min from our destination, and he would answer a call and tell the voice on the other end, “I’m 5min away.” If you made a promise and you really can’t make it, inform the other party right away. It’s much more shameful to avoid them than tell them.
“If I have made an appointment with you, I owe you punctuality, I have no right to throw away your time, if I do my own.” Richard Cecil

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