5 Satanic rituals that Christians perform without knowing

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When I was 12 years old my favorite TV show was Pokemon. What 12 year old doesn’t want to go on an adventure with magical pets that shoot lightning and can shrink to fit in his pocket? I sure did, and so did all of my friends. Yet, soon thereafter, it was “found out” by a few very well researched “brothers” that Pokemon were actually demons. And all the kids who watched them were being secretly controlled by the devil. (I have never worshiped the devil, just saying).

I remember many other cases where someone “discovered “that certain logos, movies, books, and brands are special satanic ploys to mystically possess the population into Satan worship. Everyone was freaked out and spent time breaking curses, burning books, or destroying clothes with magical logos. We often take note from the Old Testament, where people worshiped idols of stone, and assume Satanism is still so “item-oriented.” But in this new dispensation God has revealed a Christianity that is no longer “item-focused” but “heart-focused.” While we usually realize that “goodness” is not about sacred items and temples, but we still think “badness” is contained within little curses and trinkets.

You see, the thing is, most “Satanists” don’t even believe in the supernatural, or Satan, they’re just trying to shock and scare people. (Most of the reports of satanic abuse are false as well).  Most “Satanists” only care about proliferating a rebellion against dogmatic human societal systems. (A very tiny and deluded minority are “theistic Satanists” and do believe in a literal Satan, but their numbers are insignificant.) Yet none of this is the point anyway, here it is: We often think the devil has horns and is parading about on Halloween trying to make us into Harry Potter, yet the Bible says he looks like an Angel of light and is trying to make us hate our brother (1 John 3:10). The truth is you go around holding Harry Potter book burnings all of your life and still be more of a satanist than your local Wicca club. Here is how:

1. Slandering other Christians

According to the Bible, one of Satan’s primary functions is to accuse and slander people. In fact the word “diabolos” from which we get devil, literally means slanderer. In Revelation 12:10, we see Satan called “the Accuser of our brothers.” You may hate witches and Star Wars, but when you accuse other Christians of being bad people, or spread gossip about them, you are being as Satanic as Satan himself.

2. Allowing or Promoting False doctrine

Another thing Satan is very concerned about is preventing others from seeing the beauty of the Gospel. In 2 Cor. 4:3-4, Satan blinds people, in Genesis 3:4-5, he is twisting Gods words to something different. If you often lead people to believe in a Gospel that doesn’t affix our eyes to Jesus, or if you permit false teachers to run rampant, just because you want to be nice, you are serving Satan’s agenda.

3. Telling Lies

Satan is a “liar and the father of lies.” His whole goal since the very beginning was to subvert truth. God is truth, and in him is not falsehood. Satan is the exact opposite, he desires to counteract every attribute of God. As Christians we often tell lies to “do good” or to “help God.” This is the crazy part. Even while trying to be “against Satan” and, for example, speaking out against a film that you think is satanic, like Lord of the Rings, if you tell a lie (many lied saying J.K. Rowling is a Satanist) it is you who is doing the work of Satan. This is the ultimate irony, a Christian fundamentalist, out on a quest to “destroy satan” who uses lies against atheists and others, becomes far more like Satan then his opponents.

4. Being a legalist and refusing to enjoy stuff God made

I’ve often heard sermons warning about  the teachings of demons. These usually included child sacrifice, torture, and black magic. Turns out the Bible is very different than certain popular myths would lead us to believe. Paul says demonic doctrines include things like: forbidding people to enjoy marriage and to enjoy certain foods. The Bible actually teaches that God created things to be enjoyed with thanksgiving and it is demonic to refuse all of that. In fact, if you go around forbidding people to enjoy things that are not harmful, you are preaching the doctrines of demons. (1 Tim 4:1-4)

5. Thinking you are better than others

Why is Satan considered bad or evil? Because the Bible tells us that Satan thought he was perfect or equal to God. This sin of pride is the sin that causes all others sins. Thinking you are as good as God will do crazy things to your head and in your life. In Mark 10:18, Jesus says “Only God is Good.” Think with me, if only God is Good, yet you also claim to be a perfectly good person, do you not do EXACTLY what Satan did? If you think you are truly and ultimately Good, perhaps because of all your religious activities, then you are a more provocative Satanist than the warlock standing over a boiling cauldron.

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      • item no 4.
        Being a legalist and refusing to enjoy stuff God made:

        Satanic people play in such a way to loose all your wealth, health, all other million gifts God given to you. This cannot be explanined in a capsule form, but it is true.

      • Nopeno – I just want you to know, I agree 100% and you are absolutely right. What sense does it make the wicked soak up ALL the world offers, yet we Christians are supposed to piously stay inside and not taste life for what it is? I’ll tell you what sense that makes – ZERO. Period. I care not what men say, only what is truth. TRUTH.

  1. This article is for those who do not have the intellect to perceive the higher truth which is that ALL Satanists are also Christians, and ALL Christians are Satanists. Without Christianity, there is no Satan, no Hell and no Heaven. Christians created Satan, and Christians are the ones who believe in him so that makes them Satanists as well as Christians. Angels, Demons, Saints and Witches are all different aspects of what Christianity teaches. The labels are tools and so are the followers of these religions.

    If you want to find God (the real one), it is hiding in plain view, in everything you can see hear and feel. God is the Universe. There is only one, and all are a part of the Universe. God is not a Him or a Her. God simply IS. God is the Universe.

    Debating Satan and Christian morality is for those who are stuck in religions and rituals. They cannot connect with God because they are too busy pretending like they have already found it. Religion is beneath spirituality and Whole thinking (Holiness)

    Carry on.

    • No satan is actually a deity stolen from both wiccan and sumerian religions clumped together and made to look bad and evil.Its just fear fodder for the moronic masses to eat up without question.But thanx

      • You are thinking of the many pagan deities that have come to represent Satan and other demons. Satan means in Hebrew adversary. Anything that is an “enemy” of God or good people is a “satan” The whole concept of “Lucifer” IS the stolen pagan deity. Also Wicca was founded in the 20’s so it wasn’t stolen from there, but much older pagan religions

      • I think that everything people think it’s “stolen” from other cultures is actually the same thing. The same thing shown in different faces. There’s a lot of similarities in a lot of different teachings around the globe.

    • Christianity has not even changed in essence. In fact it is the way people are practising / teaching it that is changing, which is how you get heresy.

      Even if you had all the denominations (Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, Mormon, Presbyterian, Baptist etc.) it doesn’t change Christianity

  2. Theology.? Don’t make me laugh.Too late lol :p but no seriously,You seem to cast a Christian point of view instead of remaining neutral,like any good theologist or philosopher would.You believe in satan as an actual deity?and christ as an actual divinity? Thats bullshit.There is no philosophy in already firm set beliefs.Satan represents the carnal and aggressive side of man,but also the more intellectual side too.God represents a pureness that can only be obtained through complete conformity and fear of the outside world.Both teach kindness towards others.But Satanism represents kindness and love only towards those who earn it, Not for those sacks of shit that would stab you in the back as quick as they would go to church on sunday.Christians on the other hand,Put on a fake smile and pretend everything is going good instead of opening their eyes.Its been my experience that TRUE and i mean TRUE satanist and luceferians, Are much more honest,good people and just generally more fun to be around.O and the CHRISTIAN portrayal of a “warlock over a bubbling cauldron” couldn’t be ANY MORE WRONG.Warlocks are not “male witches” they dont even practice wiccanism or paegan religious rights, or “witchcraft” in idiot term.They were norse priests dedicated to the gods of the wind.O and another thing, A witch is a wotch.Its a unisex term for both male and female practitioners.Thanks for giving out false info.You should get your tuition money back from where you studied” philosophy and theology” from.Have a nice day :)

  3. How can something that’s against it be it? Common sense!
    Satan has been working on confusing people so of course there’s anger and discussion all the time , I mean just go watch tv when there talking about christians they make up lies and people take it as truth and use it to fuel the hate!

  4. I just want to give my very humble opinion of point 1 and point 2. I 100 percent agree that it is satanistic to slander other Christians especially if you haven’t read the entire bible yourself. Before commenting on somebody else’s Christian beliefs it is best to first read and understand the entire bible. On point number 2. It is best for the bible to be your absolute guide in your Christian faith. Don’t just rely on pastors or preachers.

  5. Thanks for trying. when worldly people show hatred for you, you are probably doing something well. They sound allot like me before I met my Lord Jesus Christ. Do they not know that when they hate us, they confirm the Word of God. They wouldn’t know, because they do not know the Word of God. Lord bless you brother. Keep contending. Some of the stuff out there we just shouldn’t watch, though. Especialy things that are blatenly disrespectful to our God. Guard your mind and heart. What goes into your mind is often what comes out. Here is some proof, watch R rated movies every night for two weeks, then try to go JUST ONE DAY without swearing. Seriously, try it. Even if you are a nonbeliever. Be honest with the results. I think you will find it extremely hard to do, if possible at all.
    Lord bless you.
    The blood of Jesus can cover every sin.
    ps. I don’t care to be “fun”, just bound for heaven.

    • You do realize that swearing and cussing are two different things right? Jesus said do not “swear” by ANYTHING. When’s the last time you didn’t say “I swear I could have left my keys on the counter?” Also, let me ask you when the last time you read your “sacred” text and actually paid attention rather than just reading the random verse that “Sounds good” your preacher gave you or you found in one of those “daily prayers” calenders you materialistic Christians love to sell to make more money that you are somehow “blessed” with rather than admitting the truth that your religion is one of the most capitalistic creations out there.

      • I 100% agree with you that there is a lot of capitalism in Christianity. That is pretty sad. However, as someone who reads my Bible and studies it daily, what I do know is that ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Because all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, God sent his son to die for our sins. When we repent and ask God to forgive us we become children of God. Then Our Hope becomes God’s mercy and not our goodness. God fills us with his Holy Spirit and gives us a new heart. Then even the things we desire and enjoy change. We desire to follow God but often fail. Because we still sin, we can’t be holier than … We are just thankful to God for his mercy and salvation, and it’s such a beautiful thing that we do want to tell everyone else about it.

  6. As a homegrown Christian I completely agree with this. All you satan worshipers are whack, learn the difference between our holy lord and the devil himself. As Noah once said “I despise of everyone that is not myself” -200 AD. If you really believed in our Lord you wouldn’t waste precious time you could be spending murdering Satan Worshipers. Jesus once said “All I want for Christmas is my big booty bitches” -350 AD. That quote directly states that Satan is the key to complete world peace.

  7. { Also, let me ask you when the last time you read your “sacred” text and actually paid attention rather than just reading the random verse that “Sounds good” your preacher gave you or you found in one of those “daily prayers” calenders }

    Two days ago. I’ve never had a daily prayer or daily verse calendar.

    { that your religion is one of the most capitalistic creations out there. }

    Capitalism is not the same as cronyism or materialism. One can be capitalist (just basically meaning you believe people can buy and sell goods and services on the free market) and still be generous. One thing Jesus made clear is that giving is supposed to hurt, not just be a tiny scrape of excess that you’d never miss anyway – plenty of people do that while still believing in capitalism. At least some stats show that religious people are the ones giving away the most in America, although as with most stats it’s hard to say for sure.

  8. I don’t agree to this and I’m going to assume you’re looking at this from a Christians point of view and not any other religion so I will excuse your ignorance

  9. I personally think that people should believe whatever they want. All of you have different points, but believe whatever God is to you. I think the whole purpose of God is to bring hope when things go wrong and happiness when you need it. No one can agree on everything about Christianity. I am personally Hindu, and I came here to learn more about Christianity, because I personally know to respect all beliefs in culture even if mine are completely different. I see God (Brahman) as “the entity without a sex” and you may see God as male. So instead of being negative or hating on Satanism, the real mantra of God is to be kind. No matter who you’re kind to, or when you choose to be. The meaning of holy texts is to teach us to be kind to those who deserve it. My beliefs don’t make me a Satanist or a Christian, my beliefs make me a believer. Even if you don’t believe in God, always have a mantra and push to find your purpose.

  10. I am pretty sure that Only God deals with satan, but as a man and a struggling Christian, I hope we get a piece of him. As long as I have lived, satan has lived longer. I hope we get to give him a decent beating. I hate him (satan)

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