6 issues Christians must always fight against

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When it comes to life and doctrine, what are some hugely important issues that we must defend at all costs? As our world is quickly sliding towards the brink of the apocalypse, we must band together to maintain the purity of the faith by standing up to protect some things. If we don’t protect these thing, if we don’t insist they are “closed handed” issues we will lose Christianity. We must stand firm and fight against things. Here are six ideas all Christians must fight against.

1. Refusal to teach about the 666 chip

There have been so many people trying to say that the 666 chip is a lie. Ok, maybe it’s not happening as soon we thought, but that is probably because the people prayed and God withheld it for a time. The main point is, however, that this chip is happening, and we must be prepared! If the churches stop teaching about the chip, do you know what will happen? People will not be ready, and when it comes, they will blindly go and get stamped, and then they will go to hell. It won’t matter that they love Jesus, or spent their whole lives as Christians, they’ll lose their salvation because of this tiny chip. We must never stop warning people.

2. Movement to get rid of traditional pulpits

There has been a huge movement to get rid of pulpits from the stage. It’s the liberals fault, they want to get rid of the Bible, so the best way to do it is to get rid of the pulpits. The large wood or glass pulpit shows the authority of the speaker. If a pastor stands behind a pulpit, he is clearly speaking with the authority of the Bible, on the other hand those that simply stand without anything are standing alone. Besides there is always the danger that too much focus will be given to the preacher if his whole body is seen, so it’s far better to have a pulpit cover up some of his body.

3. Acceptance of “some” secular movies

When I was younger we rightly knew that movies and music were Satan’s tool to secularize the church. Today that diabolical plan is very successful if you only look at the church. There are those who watch any kind of secular movies with no discernment whatsoever, they are not too dangerous for everyone knows they are lost. Those who play the middle are far more deceiving. When someone claims they are allowed to watch secular movies, so long as those movies are not inherently bad, or have some “good morals” they are opening a dangerous door. The youth will listen to this, because it sound right, and they will open the door to all kinds of movies and sin.

4. Casual church attire

I have been seeing a great deal of people starting to wear clothes like flip flops, t-shirts, and a few (shockingly!) have even worn shorts! What a great travesty! People this is the church you are talking about! What if you were going to visit the president, would you wear a pair of flip flops or wear your Sunday best? The more this modern liberal culture permeates the church, the more we see time honored traditions being killed off. It’s no longer common to see a beautiful Sunday service, full of women wearing nice long dresses and men in ironed suits and ties. Now people wear casual clothes before God, this is disrespectful, cannot be allowed and must be stopped.

5. Putting off the rapture for “way later”

At one point in time, in the 80’s and 90’s, everyone knew that the rapture was coming in about thirty or forty years. We saw unparalleled technological advancement that constantly confirmed that point. We saw horrible signs in the news that showed us it was coming. Even as the towers fell on Sep 11th, we were yet again reminded, the rapture is near! Now technology is so advance, how could it not be the end times? In a few years they will have the technology to plug into our brains and do crazy things! Yet, so many are not teaching about the rapture, they don’t teach people it will happen soon! I think it’s only years away, we must prepare people for it, or else they will wake up one day in a few years and be left behind, in a world gone mad.

6. Incorporation of modern rock music

One of the greatest dangers to the church is the sneaky incorporation of modern rock music. What people don’t know about rock is that drums were invented by idol worshiping pagans in the old testament. For a long time only voodoo worshipers and pagan African tribes played drums. Then it jumped into modern music when people sold their souls to the devil. In fact, when they play rock music to plants, the plants die, and when they play classical music, the plants live. Obviously there is so much wrong with rock music, so why do “Christians” play it in their churches?! Because they are worldly and would rather have their ears tickled than stand up for the truth. It doesn’t matter what kind of words you put to rock music, it’s still rock music. That’s like saying you can read scripture during a porn film and so the porn film will be okay now. Rubbish. We must fight against the infringement of rock music or else our youth will be completely gone in a few years.


Have a happy April 1st.

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  1. God is not impressed by the fashion choice of well dressed people. If a poor person, who can’t afford ties and ironed suits, shows up to Sunday; will you still judge them? I won’t judge you for being conservative but please don’t make God look like a far away being that we need to impress. Don’t stray from the fact that God looks at the heart of a person and not the appearance.

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