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This series of posts were written by me during my Calvinist phase, from 2010 to 2013, prior to this I was a devout Pentecostal.

Some days I don’t want to read the Bible
Are the Old Ways the Best? Why the Early Church is not the Ideal Church.
Everything is pointless: your life probably has no meaning.
Don’t follow your heart: how to be freed from your feelings
The “Game of Why”: how kids are the smartest of us all and everything leads to God.
How many times should I forgive someone for the same thing?
Redemption group psalm - the only poetry I have ever written
4 Reasons we fight: an analysis of the reasons fights break out
Is everything God’s will? The Practical implications
Is everything that happens Gods will? - A Scriptural Synthesis
Is everything God’s will? The philosophical hypothesis
Ancient enemies of masculinity: chauvinism and feminism
Modern Enemies of manhood and masculinity: Prolonged adolescence and reckless machismo
12 Reasons you should find a new church
Touch not the Lords anointed and modern day pastors
How do I stop wanting destructive things?
Slaves to sin: 10 ways we respond in bondage
Ufos and aliens: What should Christians believe?
Poor Bastard - something a Christian cannot be
Ten ways I was too proud: how pride and selfishness creeps into your life.
What is folk religion? 6 Attributes of folk theology
Being drawn to God? Calvinism and Arminianism in John 6:44 and John 12:32
The Boston Bombing and Racism
Does God heal a broken heart totally and finally?
Why did you wake up today? 4 motives that drive our lives
The Gosnell conspiracy and twenty questions for abortionists
5 Types of married couples... and which one you want to be
How will they remember you?
3 Reasons it’s hard to be a Slavic immigrant and a Christian
The end to your shame - why you don't have to be ashamed anymore
6 issues Christians must always fight against
12 Reasons why Jesus died
Does Jesus want us to dump (boycott) Starbucks and other corporations that “promote homosexuality”
6 Common errors about the Holy Spirit
Discussion with Roger Olson about free will, choices, love, and God's character
3 ways to respond to what you hear in church
The danger of over spiritualizing
10 Reasons to have a Christian blog
Why married sex is better than “casual sex”
Six different views of predestination, what do calvinists and arminians believe?
 8 Incredible Lessons from the Birth of Moses
8 mistakes that all Christians make
3 tips to get a promotion at your first real job
3 essential parts of a Christian life
How to deal with the “friendzone"
3 Ways Music is Dangerous
Russian meteorite a sign from God?
3 Bible Heroes Exactly Like Me
4 Reasons to Celebrate Valentines Day
Do people get what they deserve?
4 Sex tips from the Bible
4 Ways to deal with modern skeptics
Those who disagree are not wolves
4 Ways Boys Become Men
4 Tricks to Being Successful
3 misconceptions Slavic’s have about American churches
Two Paths to Salvation
6 Reasons why John Calvin Is amazing
3 Reasons for white people to care about MLK
The greatest lie people believe
4 Things to do when you sin
Why you need a Bible and books
3 Reasons why God lets us get the flu
Theology and tools
5 Steps To Become Awesome
How to make girls like you
The Idolatry of 'New Year Prayer'
65 New Years Resolutions from Jonathan Edwards
3 Awesome parties in the Bible
Avoid this mistake or burn in hell
3 Secrets to Christmas joy
Christianity and Guns: 3 views
Finding Jesus in The Hobbit Film
Slavic Christians in America – the future for Russian and Ukrainian churches.
Christianity and football: 4 bad lessons
3 of my mistakes you should avoid
4 Strange groups united against the authority of the Bible
3 Questions you must ask before you die
3 steps to find your spouse
Obamacare and the 2013 RFID microchip (5 reasons you should be calm)
3 Different types of Christianity
5 Dangerous Thanksgiving Traditions
3 Ways Arminians are either Calvinists, Deists, or Open Theists
6 Practical Reasons to Reject Porn
5 Satanic rituals that Christians perform without knowing
There is an amazing secret in the story of David & Goliath!
5 foolish arguments you must never use in a theological discussion
7 things Christians should consider about gay marriage
9 tips for sharing your faith without being a weirdo
5 Reasons Russian Pastors are Awesome
Today is one of my favorite Holidays! Celebrate with me!
5 hilarious things Fundamentalists do on Halloween.
8 quotes that radically changed my theology
7 shocking facts about the Bukhantsov murders in Sacramento.
When should I leave my (Russian) Church?
4 reasons everything you know about worship is wrong.
20 ways to say I love you
Husbands, Romance, and Jesus
6 reasons why Russian churches love conspiracy theories
3 unbiblical methods used to get the gift of tongues
The meaning of “Broken Crown” by Mumford and Sons. Religion, hypocrisy, and Christianity.
Feel judged by the church?
God's providence through an old abandoned website
Is every sickness to be healed?
Free will is locked in a prison
This is how Jesus treats us
A crumb and the pebble.
4 ways to be a reliable man.
Top 3 (Christian themed) fantasy book series
Kiss Your Spouse!
I lied in a Sunday school Bible contest
Feed your skin. Feed your body.
5 steps to deal with chronic critics
How to be a real man in a marriage?
The Artist who paints in colors of wisdom.
Is 666 a chip or something else?
Spurgeon on smoking
Why you should stop waiting for the rapture
Thinking the fear of hell can save
Why pray if everything is predestined?
Is it wrong for women to wear pants to church?
The Story of Your Life
How can a girl make a guy take things slow?
Christian we’re not in the Old Testament
How do I deal with Christians who are prejudiced and judgemental?
What is Christianity
How do you know you are saved?
How can I find my identity in Christ?
Bridge to Nowhere
How can I help my friend deal with lust?
Our Brains are Changing
How can I hear Gods voice?
Why do Christian suffer?
Are different music styles sinful?
Is Kathryn Kuhlman a false teacher?
What is the Law in the Bible?
Are Christians saints or sinners?
What to do when I am spiritually dry?
Can christians cuss and swear?
Is holy laughter in the Bible?
How can I be the right woman for marriage?
Do I need to tell my sexual past before marriage?
Do Christian women need to wear head coverings?
Stop Bringing the World into the Church!
Do christians prefer virgins?
Why are there different denominations?
The Spirit only interrupts, never plans?
Is modern worship biblical?
What is Calvinism?
Can a girl pursue a guy?
Can I date someone from another religion
Do I need to obey my parents on everything?
Is TV good for Christians?
Is submission degrading for women?
Is there Spiritual Depression?
Speaking in Tongues?
Tacky Christian (Chain) Messages
Hypocrisy, hate, and hidden lives
Is smoking marijuana a sin?
Do I need to marry premarital sex partner?
The Longing for something greater
The End is Not Near, its Here
Is dancing bad for Christians?
Women leaders in business?
7 misconceptions people hold about Calvinism
Can a Christian be a police officer?
Is making out a sin?
Is it a sin to wear jewelry?
Is it sin to wear makeup?
What can you say about predestination?
12 Reasons Jesus is God
Can Women be Leaders?
Is there such a thing as emotional adultery?
6 Lessons from my Engagement
Is oral sex a sin for Christians?
Should I have a problem marrying a girl who was in love with another guy?
Friends drifting apart because of sin
Is Obama the Antichrist
Guys attracted to Proverbs 31 woman?
Need a change this year?
The Unpardonable Sin
8 Tips for the Best Youth Ministry
7 Christmas Rules
Being careless with words
Does God author sin?
Not knowing where we come from
Idolizing Theology
The Green Bible
A Puritan Prayer
Most Dangerous Ways to Earn Gods Favor
Getting Stoned in Church
Faith is Super-Psychic Mind Force
Easter is About Everything, Except Jesus
Sickness is Punishment from God?
Seek Hidden Knowledge When All is Revealed
Top 3 Things Churchgoers are Afraid to Admit
Listen for the Sound of Silence
Limit the Power of Christ's Sacrifice
Is Humanity is More Depraved Than Before?
The Journey Begins

4 responses

  1. Hi, a few friends of mine told me about your blog so I finally decided to check it out. I understand that you come from a Christian family and have been raised that way since you were a little kid but than you grew up and decided to change your belief and say that God doesn’t exist… I’m not here to judge but I just wanted to ask How could you say that God doesn’t exist? If God doesn’t exist than please explain this to me.. A close friend of mine from childhood developed a spine problem as he was growing up. One of his legs was shorter than the other by a few inches. This caused him to limp and stop growing. For years his family prayed but they didn’t receive an answer. Finally one day he went to a church service and there was a really strong prayer the pastor asked whoever wants to be healed come up to the front. My friend felt Gods presence and he ran to the front the pastor came and layed his hands down on his head and my friend was filled with the Holy Spirit and felt like an electric shock went through his body and at that moment his foot grew and became the same size. His sister was there and when she saw she fainted. It’s a true miracle from God. How can you deny God when he gave you life. God is alive. One day we’re all going to stand before him and what will you say than when you come face to face with him. I’m nobody to judge I’m not perfect, I’m just a regular human being. But, I think you should look into Christianity before its to late. There is a heaven and hell. Jesus loves you no matter what.

  2. i think i may be coming to the close of my faith – feeling ok.

    christian ‘experiences’ with others and in churches. finally – a book, i questioned – with poor responses from an author.

    yet when i think of Jesus i find him the most beautiful of all people – ‘if’ there is a God – then this is him in the flesh… but i think i may be coming to a close… anything like this in your experience?

    i like your blog on hebrew cosmology – i look forward to reading the rest in due course… Tinker

    • Howdy Tinker,

      That reminds me of Chuck Templeton, who was formerly the ministry associate of Billy Graham, but turned atheist after attending Yale Seminary. Chuck spoke of “missing Jesus” in a sentimental way.

      I understand it as a remnant of being told all of these marvelous stories about Jesus in our youth, I (and likely you) sincerely loved and admired the character of all these stories. And growing up to realize this character is not likely real is a burden in many way, every once in a while I have a flare of nostalgia and wish this character were truly real. Alas, I have seen nothing thus far to make me believe that, though I still wish it were all true from time to time.

      Its kind of like Neverland from the story of Peter Pan, once you reach a certain age, you can’t believe in it any more, but you still miss that moment when you did believe, and you still wish it were true.

      All the best to you, keep seeking truth, whatever it is.

  3. For whatever reason I just stumbled upon this blog, and for whatever reason I feel the need to say that the door is still open!

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