Skeptic Posts

This series of posts was written when I had gained enough courage to publicly admit I don’t accept the Christian faith.

Letter from the Deep - Healing existential despair
Is secularism evil? six lessons from a darker era
Is religion good? Five ways Christianity is harmful
Life after faith - how do atheists think about death?
Life after faith - how do atheists ground morals?
Life after faith - How do atheists find meaning & purpose
Why I don't trust the Bible - Part 5 – An inaccurate description of reality
Why I dont trust the Bible - Clearly human writing history.
Why I Don't Trust The Bible - The New Testament authors misuse Hebrew scriptures
Why I don’t trust the Bible – A Disturbingly Violent and Unjust System of Ethics
Why I don't trust the Bible - Inconsistencies, discrepancies and contradictions
Why do I write? An overly sentimental open letter to religious believers
What if you're wrong? Seven risks of being closed minded about religion
Talking to God - five questions from an agnostic ex-preacher
5 Big myths about why people leave their religion
25 Strange facts you didnt know about Christmas
How people treat a skeptic
How to be a good skeptic
Biblical Slavery - The uncomfortable truth
Top Ten Deleted Bible Verses That Were Not in the Original Text
Why I changed - Biblical studies scares my buddies
Why I changed - Pentecostalism is as clear as glossolalia
Why I changed - Preachers know less than science teachers
Why I changed - signs and wonders are emotionalist blunders
Why I changed - the psychology of demon possession
RAPTURE ME! growing up during the end of the world
"Biblical" - the most abused term in the english language
Why do we polarize, fight, and misunderstand each other
Moving Mountains - Does a literal reading of the Bible teach psychokinesis?
THE LOST SOUL: 8 reasons why we do not have a spiritual soul
Biblically Drunk - Survey, Statistics, Charts of the Bible and Alcohol
How to Obtain Eternal Life, Synoptics vs John
Bible science? Ancient Hebrew Cosmology
Did Jesus really sweat blood?
Bible psychology, an erroneous view of the mind
7 Reasons not to trust biblical scholars
Was there a Global Flood like in the film Noah? The Theology, History, and Science
Was there a Global Flood like in the film Noah? The Impossible Journey of the Ark

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