Transitional Posts

This series of posts were written during a transitional period in my life, when I was yet too afraid to admit to the public that I no longer had my faith.

Was there a Global Flood like in the film Noah? Part 1: The Biblical Text
Crazy Theology: What the early church fathers believed
The Evil of Nationalism
Is persecution proof of truth?
CS LEWIS - The most beloved heretic
Evolution of a creationist, an appeal to young earth creationists
Five Intriguing and Alternative Views About Heaven
Twenty things you should do in your twenties
Christianity is just like the world! How to tell the difference
Bloody Hell - Is there room for alternative views of hell?
Guardians vs Explorers: Firing of Epistemological Guns
Guardians vs Explorers: The Battle of Presuppositions
Top Ten Posts of 2013
The Unjust War Between Christianity and Homosexuality
Islam, the religion of peace and the secret study of Christian thinking and Biblical illiteracy
Islam is the religion of peace?
Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday? The Historical Background of Christmas and Our Reaction.
Psychology of Theology - Why and how we hate different opinions
Is Loving Jesus Simple? And Why We Need More Than Emotions
Is the Bible as Simple Book? And Difficulties That Say We Need More Than 'Pat Answers'
Facebook & Religion - We all have a Persecution complex
Deadly Faith - The Dangers of Extreme Faith Healing
100 Reasons Why I Kissed Halloween Conspiracy Theories Goodbye
The Historic Facts About Halloween You Probably Dont Know
Jesus hates your version of "Family Values"
The Great Mystery: What Happens to Children That Die?
When Science Overtakes the God of the Gaps
Ten hard questions about speaking in tongues (glossolalia and xenoglossy)
Response to "Is every word inspired by God in the same way?"
Did God dictate every single word in the Bible?
22 Lost books that are mentioned in the Bible
The secret Ten Commandments few people know
10 Bible verses where ‘all’ does not mean ‘all.’
Sehnsucht - Longing For The Land That Was Lost
Genesis 1 science or story: Responding to Criticism 1
Is Genesis 1 a scientific account or an ancient origins story
The scariest Bible passage for conservative Christians
I would rather be a liberal than a fundamentalist
Some days I don’t like going to church
Some Days I'm not sure I Believe in God