Faith is Super-Psychic Mind Force

You want healing, wealth, and loads of pure awesomeness?? All You need is faith! Just a little faith and its all yours.

I’ve often heard that rallying cry from many televangelists and their cultlike followers. With a few misquoted and out-of context bible verses they had me believing I could fly, if only I believed hard enough. All I had to do is imagine that its true, that it happened and anything would be possible.

I kid you not, I remember sitting on my bed looking at my closed door, thinking and praying “God, they told me I just need to believe it already happened and You will do it.” And I would close my eyes and imagine my doorknob twist and door start to creak open. I’d squint my eyes open for a second, see my faith failure and proceed to try the faith building exercise again. To my dismay I never did get that door open using the simple  formula of faith that most Pentecostals teach. (Ask God. Believe hard that it happened. Receive anything.)

I tried and I tried. I strained my brain to no end. I would frown with all my might as I “believed.” And nothing.

I tried it on silly things. I tried it on things I really did need. Every time I was sick I “believed” really, really hard, and the pain would not leave until after I swallowed that tylenol.

I often would ask myself, is this “faith” a scam?

It turns out, it may be. The faith many of us are taught about is much closer to Star Wars, psychic powers and/or telekineses than to anything the bible talks about.

Faith is not about a power that we have, its not about us at all. Thats the whole point of it. Its NOT being confident in ourself. When an evangelist says, you were not healed because you didnt have a strong enough faith inside of you… Hes probably lying.

We have made faith idolatry, worshiping and trusting the ACT of believing instead of the Person we are believing in.

Faith is not an INWARD active psychic force that forces heaven to get us stuff.

Faith is a recognition of INWARD inability and looking OUTWARD, trusting completely in the person and deity of Christ Jesus as sole-sufficient Savior and Lord.

Faith is all about Christ.

Its NOT that I have faith and it works.

Its that I have faith in Christ and have assurance that He is sufficient for me.

I did get healed once. I was sick beyond recognition, and felt I was dying. Active “faith”/ESP/telekineses failed me. I opened my bible and began to read Isaiah and God began to open up Himself to me. I wept for over 10 minutes and lying shivering in bed I began to  pray: “Jesus I dont care if I live or die, I have You, nothing else matters, I know I can trust you.”

Five minutes later I stood up went downstairs and ate for the first time in a few days. From that moment on, it was well with my soul. That was faith, of which I cannot in ANY way boast, for it did not come from within me but from Christ the Author of our faith.

.And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Gal 2:20

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