Friends drifting apart because of sin


“Me and my friends are drifting apart because I don’t support them in their bad actions. What am I supposed to do??”


First and foremost while you are free to maintain proximity to them, don’t let them dictate your actions in this friendship.  The apostle Paul said “bad company ruins good morals.” (1 Cor 15:33).  So many people I know have had loads of trouble in their life because they are willing to be intimidated and coerced by their “friends” in order to stay “cool.”

After you are committed to not be influenced by them, but to be an influences here is some biblical advice:

1. Love – the bible calls Christians to love even our enemies. Let your friends know that what you do is because you love them and want the best for them. Try not to come across as “judgmental” or demeaning. If there are confrontations where you don’t join them for some illicit activity, tell them that you don’t hate them for it, but you cant participate because it does not lead to a good end. Also try to be there to help them in times of need, sometimes none of their other friends are willing to be sacrificial and help, but you can win them by doing that.  And lastly, pay attention to the problems in their life, many times I have seen young people act out because of family and/or life problems. Try to get to the root of why they are doing it and lovingly try your best to help them in that area.

2. Tell the truth – Because you love them, you do have to tell them the truth. Sin leads to death and hell, and Jesus saves from sin. If you love them, you cant just ignore this fact. Don’t barrage them with constant threats and angry rebukes but sometime after you have spent a good deal of time together, when everyone’s mind is lucid (not drunk or high) tell your friend(s) that you love him/her/them and because you care alot you don’t want anything bad to happen. With deep love and concern yell your friends you are afraid of the consequences of sin effecting them, and that you hope they would turn to Jesus.

3. Pray – Pray honestly for your friends, and sometime if you feel led and the situation allows, you can tell your friends with love, humidly, and deep care, that you pray for them. Just don’t say this in a boasting manner or demand a response from them.

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