Getting Stoned in Church

People get stoned in church.

Although, I must admit I know tons of young people that tend to like it. They come into the church building, skulk into the restroom, boldly exchange money for drugs, and then get stoned, hammered, and nailed.

Eyes glazed over, they then go around causing all sorts of havoc… sometimes I almost wish these guys did get stoned, old testament style. ;)

That, my dear friends, brings us to the type of stoning that is even worse than that of teens who colossally failed the D.A.R.E. program at school

Throwing rocks at people.. Sometimes I wonder what was God thinking when He initiated is as a means of carrying out the death penalty. Perhaps it was so that no single person would take the burden upon himself, or  perhaps so that each person throwing the rock would see personally the heavy price of sin.  Maybe it was so that during one sunny day, on his visit to this dirty world, the Son of God, would come upon a mob of angry men with stones in their hands and teach them and us, what forgiveness means. I hope it was the latter.

Fortunately for us, we dont live 2000 years ago and therefore hurled projectiles are not on our list of things to avoid.

Unfortunately for us, we are alive, and as such still human and in a world of humans. In a world where mans wicked heart rules, and it demands hate and wicked judgement.  Though the external act of throwing rocks has been abolished, we are all still liable to do the exact same thing in our hearts and churches.

I think too many people come to church to be rejected by the holy saints. Too many people are driven away by indifferent, mean, & self-righteous Christians.

Even one person is too many, and sadly, we have surpassed only one.

The church is to be a hospital, not an execution yard.

We are all guilty. I’ll be honest. I am often guilty of stoning those who stone others… As soon as they have picked up rocks to whack the sinner, I’m already playing David and Goliath (and I usually choose David.)

Its all the same, so I invite us all to repent.

Let us ask God to renew our minds and ask ourselves a few things, before coming to church and picking up verbal, emotional, and cognitive rocks.


1. Am I really better than them?


2. If I am anything more than they, did I actually deserve being born this way?


3. Are they really more sinful than me?


4. If Jesus forgave and loved the worst, and I still think lowly of them… what does that make me?


5.  Will throwing this rock, look, insult, glare, slanderous word, or curse help in any way? (both myself and them on the receiving end of my stone)


“Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone..”

John 8:7

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