God’s providence through an old abandoned website

god on the internet

Its quite common for bloggers and website owners to brag about online statistics and popularity. I will be honest, my “stats” have crossed my mind before on many occasions. In fact, I publicly confess of trying to draw satisfaction and fulfillment from the number of followers or readers I have. Though I also confess it is unable to give me ultimate satisfaction, and whatever numbers there are, my existence will not be justified by that. I promise I know that.

Nonetheless, I wanted to share a very interesting bit that has to do with web statistics and how small God is making me feel. Less than 3 years ago I started a blog on (EarningGrace.com). My visitor numbers were pretty small at first, and then I got married and transitioned my writings to this website (YuriyandInna.com). I forgot all about the first blog. Today I checked it to see that since I left it thousands of people have visited this abandoned site. This is an just an old forgotten blog that contains a snapshot of my thoughts on Christianity.

This doesn’t make me think I am big, it actually makes me think about how small I am. That while I have forgotten about it, God has allowed thousands of paths to intersect with mine, if only a few brief seconds to steal a picture. I am reminded of the many websites I visited that seriously changed my life and am wondering, could there really be someone out there that was changed by this old forgotten website? Because it all happened apart from me even knowing, this is such a pride shattering thought.

The numbers above may be inflated, due to robots/crawlers/etc, yet in another place it shows that there were about 6,000 searches from Google that brought people to that tiny old blog, and that is a miracle.  It is honestly humbling to realize that behind each phrase, there is areal person. It is also amazing to know that God may have actually decreed something to come from one or more of these visits.

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