Guys attracted to Proverbs 31 woman?


“Are guys really attracted to the Christ lover Proverbs 31 women? From what I’ve noticed guys don’t usually engage in conversation with those girls,why is that? There are many awesome young Christian women out there & young men only notice the girls with shortskirts.”


I think people should look at the girls who dress provocatively, though not with lustful eyes.  These types of girls usually hold a wrong view of themselves/their body and need prayer and guidance.

Many young guys don’t yet know or understand what is good to find in a young woman. You probably want watch out for those guys anyway if all they do is chase girls for because of their sexuality.  You should also open your eyes to different guys, those that aren’t busy flirting, but are mature, reading their bibles, and living responsibly.  Maybe they are just like you, and are thinking that no young women would want to engage them in conversation either, no?

You don’t want to rush or feel apprehensive in any way.  Often what can happen is good girls make mistakes and out of the fear that no one wants them they will engage in inappropriate behaviors.  Don’t let fear drag you into a compromising lifestyle.  If it is Gods will, there is someone reserved for you, don’t sin against your future husband because you are afraid he will not come. Just remember that God is faithful, and that good girls do get married when their time comes.

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