Husbands, Romance, and Jesus

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Then the LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” Genesis 2:18

I remember when I was still a single girl I used to punish myself for the desire to want to get married. I would sit there and scold myself, rebuke myself and tell myself that I don’t need anything but Jesus in my life. I remember hearing many pastors and preachers say that when I am content in Christ, where I am today, then He will send me a spouse.

“Something happened in our evangelical circles where if you are single you are not supposed to want to get married but be content in a spot, and that that is somehow more glorifying to God than following God’s wiring of you to want a mate! So many people end up walking around like a bunch of liars!” Matt Chandler

I remember lying and being ashamed to admit that I indeed wanted someone to love me, to bring me flowers, to cuddle with me, to just tell me I’m beautiful when my hair is in a bun and I’m stripped of all makeup and fake lashes, to love me, to comfort me,  to protect me, to defend me.

I remember feeling like I am somehow betraying Jesus by asking Him to send me a spouse because it sounded like He was not enough for me so I’d actually pray that God takes away my desire for a spouse.

All my single friends, if you are feeling any of these things, you believe a bunch of lies! There is nothing wrong with the desire to be married, to find a spouse, to be loved. To be married is a mandate from God, to desire marriage is a gift.

Girls, your desire to be loved, cared for, cherished and protected is from God. God wired and created you in this way. God designed you to want a husband, to long for a husband. There is no shame in that. Your desire for a family, for a husband, for romance and for a marriage should not be apart from Jesus, it should be part of your desire to glorify Jesus because marriage is created for His glory. The reason you long for marriage and dream of that white wedding dress is because it is designed to glorify Christ!

“Ladies, if you are single, there is nothing wrong, evil, wicked or sinful in desiring a husband. Anyone who would say otherwise is lying to you. God wired you for it, He built you for it.” Matt Chandler.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”  Philippians 4:6

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