Kiss Your Spouse!

kissing spouses

Do you remember that blissful, magical time when romance burned in  your relationship? Do you remember the way it felt when crimson blush gently spilled across your cheeks when he looked at you? Do you remember how your heart raced before every date? Do you remember how the butterflies within awoke when his hand accidentally brushed yours? Do you remember how your body slightly trembled when he held your hand? Do you remember your first kiss?

My question to many married couples, young and old alike is: why should these be just memories?

Didn’t we all, while growing up dream of passionate marriages? Didn’t we all lose ourselves in fantasies and daydreams of romance?

So why is it, that so often we learn the routine of marriage and do nothing as romance and passion slowly fade and slip away?

We can all come up with a million and then some excuses. We’re too busy. Life is hard. Work is long. Kids are crazy. We’re tired. There is no time. School is in the way. Ministry is more important. And in truth, the lists are endless…

I’ve seen it over and over again, how marriage turns two perfectly passionate lovers into two roommates who are well versed in their roles.

I pray that you safeguard your marriage and rekindle that romance. Romance is like a fire, passion like flames, you stop adding wood, it grows dimmer and dimmer until there are only traces of memories. Feed wood to the flames, daily, and the fire will burn strong even when you are old and gray.

Wives, don’t allow your husbands to walk out the door without a goodbye kiss. A long, passionate, six-second goodbye kiss. If he leaves to work early, make it a priority to get up, bad breath and all and kiss him a very married, passionate goodbye kiss. Regardless of your list of excuses, we all have six seconds to spare for the sake of romance. Start your day off with a bit of romance and you will see how passion starts to bloom within your marriage, you will feel the butterflies wake up, you will notice the blush spill itself over your cheeks again.

Every day, keep adding wood to the fire, keep feeding the passion. And maybe, just maybe the marriages we all dreamed of as little girls and the love we yearned for as crazy teenagers is possible after all. Perhaps, romance doesn’t have to die, and the flames don’t have to fade, maybe it just takes a little effort, but don’t all good things?

Maybe it’s time to bring out the romantic, passionate teenagers we once were ;)

Marriage, illuminated by the soft flames of passion and romance is a lot more fun and those long to-do lists don’t seem so long.

Give six seconds for the sake of romance, kiss your spouse.

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