Limit the Power of Christ’s Sacrifice

Are you a preacher? Would you like to make the atoning and transformative power of Christ seem small and insignificant? Do you believe that the sacrifice at the cross was not His propitiation and justification of humanity but a cute little example to remind us to do stuff? What a treat we have for you! Here are the TopTen ways to minimize the atoning power of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

10. Have anexact, concise, & numbered sinners prayer that must be used for salvation to occur and make sure the sinner prays it all in order.

9. Ceaselessly remind people that if they don’t start acting exactly like Jesus did they wont make it to Heaven.

8. Avoid preaching from the book of Romans at all costs (Except for Chap 12:1-2, alwayspreach that.)

7. Constantly warn your church about the dangers of all new bibles (because anyone who wrote them is obviously a homosexual satanist) andremind your congregation that only the true authorized KJV 1611 Version can save sinners.

6. When you preach about Grace, you always start by saying “we believe we are saved by Grace not works,BUT you must do this first…”

5. Think that saving your neighbors is dependent on you alone; if you preach hard enough they will go to Heaven, if you don’t preach hard enough, to hell with them.

4. Have an irrational fear of satan when you have not spent 2 hrs praying up a magical umbrella of protection against him.

3. Resort to using old wives tales, curses, lost blessings, imminent punishment, demonic possession and etc to scare people into being holy (because surely Christ has no power to sanctify us, but if we frighten enough children maybe they’ll become holy; 1 Ths, 5:23, 2 Ths 2:13, Hebrews 13:12)

2. Interrupt & “refute” every conversation about the ‘gift of Grace’ though ‘faith alone’ with that one passage from James 2 about works.

1. Argue that salvation by faith in Christ is way too easy, heck, that way even sinners can get saved.

And those whom HE predestined HE also called, and those whom HE called HE also justified, and those whom HE justified HE also glorified.

Romans 8:30

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