Should I have a problem marrying a girl who was in love with another guy?


“Should I have a problem marrying a girl who was in love with another guy for a long time before she met me?”


Can you really blame this girl? No, as we are growing up and learning, we all have emotions and feelings.  Sadly they are often misguided and we tend to make mistakes, in fact there is noone who has not made a mistake.  If its Gods will you should joyfully love her with all of your heart.  The Bible tells us of the story of Ruth who’s first husband Mahlon died.  After some time Ruth meets and falls in love with another man, Boaz and is eventually married to him.  Later on in the Bible we find out that Ruth was listed in the bloodline of Jesus Christ, so through this less than ideal marriage the greatest event on earth was facilitated.

Some people might say that this girl is unreliable and untrustworthy because she has already been in love, or she is unstable with her emotions.  However, if you can affirm that she loves Jesus, would be willing to submit and be a godly, Christ-honoring wife, don’t let any of these fears dissuade you.  While our past can affect us if we are unrepentant and stubborn against Gods trans-formative power, keep in mind  that Jesus makes everything new and can remove anything from our past (2 Cor 5:17).  And as always before you rush into anything you should communicate with her, your parents, and most importantly with your Heavenly Father.

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