Obamacare and the 2013 RFID microchip (5 reasons you should be calm)

obamacare microchip

The Internet is blowing up with wild rumors of an upcoming mandatory micro-chipping. The not-so-electronic rumor mill is also spinning in overdrive. I’ve had numerous people tell (warn) me of the upcoming Mark of the Beast, sponsored by Obama. Some are fearful, others are angry, all are sure that Obama is pushing through the 666 microchip. One elderly woman recently warned me that this would all happen by March 2013! Another, a young woman, stated online that this Obamacare chip is not the true mark of the beast, but will also be an act of satan worship and damn your soul to hell. These rumors keep picking up speed.

There are numerous reasons why people like conspiracy theories. Yet the biggest danger is that once we embark full-on into wacky-world, when something serious does happen, no one will listen to us because we have “cried wolf” a bazillion times in the past. So let’s be normal, please. Here is why this microchip this is a big joke:

1. The bill with the ‘Medical Device Registry’ was not passed into law

The emails/posts usually reference bill HR3200 as legalizing a special registry that mandates everyone to be chipped and recorded in the Medical Device Registry. HR3200 was a very early draft of the Obamacare law that was rejected. There have been numerous revisions of the Obamacare legislation, and the final version (HR 3962) that was passed by congress has nothing at all mentioning “biomedical devices” or a Registry. We are dealing with a discarded rough draft that made it to the internet. It carries as much legal weight as toilet paper.

2. The bill rough draft had nothing to do with RFID microchips

This purported Registry covers medical devices used in patients not microchips used for banking, identification, or Satan worship. It was stated that “class II” or “class III” biomedical devices are actually chips implanted under your skin. The classes have nothing to do with what type of device it is, only with how much safety checks it must go through before doctors can provide patients with such a device. Some real examples of class II and III devices include: physiologic monitors, x-ray systems, gas analyzers, pumps, replacement heart valves, silicone gel-filled breast implants, and pacemakers.

3. It would not have forced or mandated anyone to obtain anything

There was nothing in the language that said “all citizens and residents must be on the Medical Device Registry.” Instead it was something created only for patients who use such medical devices. Most Americans would have been unaffected and not have known anything about this. This would not have forced anyone to get a chip any more than it forced anyone to get a hip replacement surgery. Biomedical devices are voluntary things people use for a health benefit.

4. The whole idea was only drawn up to regulate medical devices, not people

Here is the actual language used “The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that—‘‘(A) is or has been used in or on a patient; and‘‘(i) a class III device; or ‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining.” The whole point was to collect safety data about different brands of devices (such as two different kinds of pacemakers) to track the long term effectiveness of these devices. There is nothing about planting chips that brainwash and control people, only a blurb about making sure defective medical devices are put out of business.

5. Such a “mass chipping” could not happen without massive civil war

America started from the very beginning as a “free country” but true universal freedom is impossible in a sinful, fallen world. Even our great country has always limited greatest freedom to a certain group of people. In culture one group gets a “freedom” and by that “freedom” limits a second group. For example, slaves and Native Americans were not free to live as they wanted, yet the charlatans and slave traders were free to do what they wanted. Slave-owners wanted the “freedom” to own slaves, but the only way they could maintain this is by limiting another person’s freedom. When America took away the “freedom” to own slaves, a civil war ensued. It took 620,000 lives (more than all American casualties in all historic wars combined) to instantly take away the “freedom” to own slaves. If that’s the case, imagine the war it would take to instantly make everyone into a slave! There are close to 3 million soldiers and on active duty and on reserve. Since 1998, there have been 151 million background checks for gun purchases. About half of all Americans own guns. I’d love to see someone try to forcefully micro-chip 150 million people with guns. That is absurd, illogical, and quite impossible.

Truth is, this ridiculous microchip idea is a red herring that distracts us from a very slow and gradual cultural shift that is redefining morality and prosecuting Christian values. And by naively believing such lies as this microchip rubbish, we are showing ourselves to be as untrustworthy and ignorant as some think we are. By this we are heaping kindling to the fires of secularism.

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  1. The Bible clearly states in the book of Revelations that the mark of the Beast will be planted on the right hand or on the forehead. If its planted anywhere else (implants, etc.) I don’t see how it can be the mark of the Beast since the mark of the Beast as it says in Revelations be used to make payments and no one will be able to buy or sell anything without the mark.
    Personally me, if it has to go under my skin on my forehead or my right hand, I’m not putting it in there no matter what’s the reason they say I need it for.

    • This is assuming that the bible is true and that religion is not all bullshit. Because if it is your argument is valid. except the fact that the chip isn’t mandatory or signed into law. Read the “obama care” pages if you don’t believe it, this mandatory chip bullshit is not in there, I did read it carefully.

      • Reading and following the Bible is not at all a religion. It is a way of life. Choosing Heaven (eternal life and happiness) or not and choosing Hell. Choose to only fulfill yourself and do for yourself and you will be damning yourself. choose to do right and pray to God and you will rejoice in his name for ever even knowing him.

      • What Im going to say to you is in Love and out of respect for you as one of God’s miraculous creations. Please read all of this it will change your life.What your saying is not true!!! That Obama package is over 1000 pages thick you just got a short version with all the stuff they wanted hidden from “We The People” I have been researching the chip, New World Order and this health care package for years you’d better do the same. Save your soul and your life. God is real dear I have known Jesus for over 35 years my life is a miraculous spiritual experience day after day! The Bible is power on paper not just a book it was written by man through the inspiration of Gods Holy Spirit. Your carnal mind cant receive the things of God right now as you are denying him you must come to him in faith. Right now it is just foolishness to you because your mind has been darkened by doubt. Until it is transformed through faith,repentance and renewal you will never know the peace that passes all understanding that all born again believers KNOW. I ask you what do you have to lose by asking God/Jesus to reveal himself to you? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain thats what! Try it and find out, youll see what I mean.We were made by MAGNIFICANCE! Accept that and you’ll be at step 1! Once you accept him as your savior your life will never the same. Its about a relationship with the one and only living God not a religion. You can only find him by asking him to reveal himself to you then read your bible you’ll feel him and hear him talk to you in your spirit I guarantee it! As the Bible say’s Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. It is impossible to please God unless you come to him in faith, as God only rewards those who diligently seek him and believe he is! Thats a bible scripture for ya dear. My advice to you is REPENT for the kingdom of God is at hand.

    • well… anybody who would refuse the chip if they tried to torture you, and they will. Jesus told me in a dream – then please reply to this comment.

      • If you talk to god or Jesus, you are religious, if Jesus or god talk to you… you are psychotic… seek medical help ASAP…. no joke

        • You are ignorant of truth my friend! How dare you talk to people like that, your words are cruel Hector, grow up! ALL humans are BODY, SOUL & SPIRIT and can hear the spirit of God once they accept Christ!!!True religion is only one thing, a RELATIONSHIP WITH THE ONE AND ONLY LIVING GOD WHO CREATED ALL THINGS AND GAVE HIS SON TO MAKE ALL THAT IS WRONG RIGHT! But only to those who seek it. God’s answer is JESUS! Whats yours? Nothing? Heaven and Hell are more real than the two eyes you have in your head that are reading this right now. You live between the two eternities my friend, don’t be a FOOL! All things are spiritual but you don’t know it because you are too closed minded! If you were dying a horrible slow death I wonder would GOD even come off your lips? You need a wake up call my brother! One day you will give account for all you say and do because you are not saved by grace, you are lost, lost, lost (and destined for HELL because you refuse to believe and repent). Spiritual things are foolish to a carnal mind like yours, you will never know the truth as long as you refuse to give it a chance. The Bible says spiritual things are foolishness to a carnal mind. Ask yourself what do you have to lose by asking God to reveal himself to you and by picking up a Bible to find out who he really is? Or are you are just so caught up in your belief or desire for sin and the lust of whatever makes you happy or should I say “wanna be happy”? Are you sure you are so right, and everything in life is just physical and there is no spiritual truth? If so I feel for you man, one day you will stand before God then it will be to late and you will answer for everything you say and do and the damage it did then be eternally cursed and damned.(Unless you repent get covered by the blood and give God a chance to show you the truth).Time is short brother and if I were you I wouldn’t waste a minute, take advantage of the chance to make amends for your mouth too!Your wasting time you could die today and be standing before God instantly, what will be your excuse then? You should give God a chance to show himself to you man and receive his son. I have known Christ for over 35 years, I used to live in severe dark places in drugs and evil stuff then when I found Christ my life changed instantly! It’s been a walking adventure every day with miracles like getting healed of liver cancer by a faith minister that layed his hands on me in Jesus name, and much more. I have felt the presence of God so strong many times in my life. I have even been rocked off my feet to the ground because the power of being in his presence is so strong. Miracles man, I mean miracles! Ones like you need to experience! I’m praying for you Hector in my heavenly prayer language, expect God to show up and reveal the reality of evil and good to you, cuz Im a hard core believin prayer warrior and he answers my prayers with MIRACLES, just because I BELIEVE! Thats the kind of God I serve! The real macoy. I pray that God sends you Angels on assignment Hector to reveal truths to you! We Christians are not crazy but you are, if you refuse God. One day you’ll see what I mean whether you repent and get saved or die lost.BTW GOD TALK TALKS TO ALL THOSE WHO RECEIVE HIM BY FAITH AND SHOWS HEAVENLY VISIONS IN OUR SPIRIT THROUGH THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT and thats even in the BIBLE my brother! So while your laughing at people who hear God talk, all of God’s heavenly hosts are laughing at you and shaking their heads saying fool, fool, fool! The only one that needs help here is you. Don’t believe me? Go ask a preacher and for heavens sake quit torturing people on here, open a Bible and give it a chance man, LET IT BREATHE, LET IT BREATHE, LET IT BREATHE!

    • Its the real thing dear but in a testing phase and has been for the last 10 yrs especially in Europe. It is a tracking device it is for population control and is used as a spying device if you dont believe me research it! Dont drink the Kool-aid! Dont mark you, your kids, your dog or anything else it is the Devils scheme.

  2. this articale fails to mention that just because the plan for this chip was not widespread does not rule out the mark of the beast, look at this senario if you throw a frog into a pot of hot water they will jump out fear of getting burned, however put the same frog in a pot of cold water and gradually turn up the heat it will stay there and be boiled to death, basically the government are not going to try mass implants as they know we will reject it they are trying small sections of society so that we will gradually go with what ever they say.

    • I completely agree with the metaphor. I used to sit on the more liberal side of the fence until I started really researching everything and where the information was coming from. But most importantly, I believe in Jesus Christ and the bible. If you look at our history,..the further we venture from God, the more complacent our society becomes. My other favorite is “the best trick the devil ever mastered was convincing the world that he didn’t exist”. I know that this is the way it must be,..each day that rolls by will bring us one day closer to the return of Christ. But, it’s also amazing to watch so many people laugh off some of these things. For instance, we are steadily marching toward a complete world order..if you don’t believe that, then start researching the U.N. I agree that these things are subtle, and often times come about with an emotional response to something tragic..such as allowing the government to have unlimited access to our privacy with the patriot act following 911, or the ability to kill American’s with drones without proof of treason. I think it will be a gradual thing, perhaps a medical RFID chip placed in children and elderly over the next generation or so. As technology progresses a medical identify makes sense if you end up in the hospital and all of your medical info is accessed through it, etc. It would have nothing to do with commerce as in Revelations, but that will come later. And now, Agenda 21…scary

    • That frog analogy is crap. Anything is going to move away from too much heat. And not like I have to actually test my theory…wow…..

  3. God can not lie, if he says the mark of the beast will happen then it will. Many christians will also accept the chip, justifying it in their own mind with however they choose, as to preserve their own lives. From what I understand this law was passed, and this is why the poverty stricken countries are the first to have it implemented as is currently being done so, it is logical that they will tell the western world last and introduce it with the element of surprise hidden behind the next world war. Watch the signs of the times and live not in ignorance. May God Bless those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

      • Devil blinded you! I hope you realize the truth before you end in hell.
        Really do hope so.. :/ This is not even funny, at all…

      • There is god pray to god and say god show me if ur real nw ho made the world god. Who made the stars moon sun. All god. He is real if u don’t think this is real and say its fake ok. I told u. But I’ll be in hell don’t take the cip,read the bible go to church be good and. Be christan

      • God is real Wo made the stars the moon sun you. Earth. God. If u think this is fake it is not you’ll be in hell so just part and say god show me if your real and he will read the bible. Go to church be inch don’t say bad words be christan

        • well that means god is a egocentric, cruel, macho men anti women because the bible had a lot of things against women, the bible says if someone rape a women that women have to married with the man who rapes her… On the bibble says if a women is not virgin when she gets married she had to die by stones (stoning) Yeap If the bible is the gods word then I don’t care about serving a bloodthirsty, dictator tyrant

          • excuse me but the Bible never says God wanted the women to have that happen to them. Only that it did happen. Some died some did not. God says it His his law to be married before sex, therefore back then they took extreme measures but is it really extreme if you defy the one who created you and loved you enough to do so?. Just as they cut off the hand of a theif. If we went back to those times there wouldn’t be so much evil doings as there are today. Read psalms, it explains how God cherishes his women just as much as his men. Read John to start with to find out exactly what you need to know. Matthew is another. The Bible explains it all. And if he’s so blood thirsty then why would he send His only son, only created to die a terrible death to save us all?. It does explain in the Bible that God is a very jealous one, he does not accept worshiping no other than Him and Him alone if you want in Heaven. But He let’s you CHOOSE. It’s our choice every time we do something to either do for Him or do for ourselves. You give to Him and he will give back so much to you in return maybe not in that moment maybe not for a long time but it happens. believe me i KNOW. You will only find true happiness in him and Him alone. you may be happy but not fulfilled like you should. I found myself no where near as happy when i strayed as i am when i keep Him with me. He saved me, my brother’s life, and many more. When i let him handle something it gets done and maybe not my way but for the best of my life. I have gotten angry when i felt it wasnt done how i wanted but it helped me in the end. We go through troubles sometimes so that we can seek him and see His Glory work before our eyes when we trust him. He’s who i felt hold me (a FEMALE) when my world was going to crap. He’s the one who helped me, a FEMALE succeed and come out of the mess better. So how come he helped me when apparently he doesn’t like women?. exactly, don’t say anything if you don’t know what exactly you’re talking about. you should be grateful for the things he’s done for you miss Debra. and a dictator MAKES you follow their rules. He let’s you CHOOSE. You only, can punish yourself. Also a tyrant is a dictatorship that is passed down and He passes nothing to no one. We are His burden, and His alone. He only, is who listens to our prayers, our cries and our troubles and does to help us succeed in this life we’ve been given.

    • The bible was written by mortals like you and I, who had a lot of creativity, remember faith isn’t based on experience, and from what I’ve read in the bible there’s some really screwed up stuff there… he’s not even full of love and mercy just as many Christians say, his people are the poor, if you.misbehave he will punish you? such god apparently “almighty” can’t even end poverty or evil, I’m atheist so l don’t believe in god, anyway my point is don’t let all that baloney about the mark of the beast scare you. If my comments make you mad and you want to send god to kick my ass and crush me… well he knows where to find me… lol

      • Too bad you feel like that the only way a person can find God is to experience him and obviously you have not nor do you want to. Your ideas and beliefs about the Bible are TOTALLY NAIVE AND INCORRECT. You are a spiritual being in a physical body. I will pray for you. Its not about what you believe its about the TRUTH there can only be one truth, one God and one reality, its in Jesus Christ! I hope you find him its a real life experience you will never forget and definitely one you wont doubt if you just ask him to forgive you and reveal himself to you.

  4. I would like 2 know, what % of the population that owns a gun is for the implantation of the chip…and toilet paper has some value….or do you get it for free? Let me know where…

  5. This will be forced on people. The army and secret police is in place to take christians to prison camps. NWO wants to move forward with their filthy plans.

    • Charles, in twenty years this will still not be forced, and conspiracy theorists will move on to something else. Remember bar codes in the 80’s? The same people who do “chip conspiracies” today were even then talking about bar codes being forcefully printed on people. 30 Years later they quietly moved on and changed their theories.

      What you are doing is making Christians look like weird wackos. Your type of theorists have been doing this since the 60’s, always promising, never delivering anything but a bad rep towards Christians who try to share the Good news of Jesus.

      • I agree. But I still believe to be aware and be prepared for anything. If it comes out people will know what to do. If it doesn’t then we’ll have passed another travesty. Better to be prepared than to be unaware and blow it off then when something happens have no idea what to do and freak out.

    • He isn’t “taking the guns” he is asking for an open discussion about gun control… which in case you haven’t noticed is becoming a necessity wanting to protect americans from being murdered senselessly buy people with guns does not make him evil it makes him compassionate and sensable.

      • Please read the bible and may God open your eyes!
        Satan will try to kill everyone, meaning for everyone to get the mark, but anyways NO the Devil is doing his work, and again, NO Illuminati says all the things that you just said through the President and all of them, first of all, Obama is in Illuminati, so give it a guess yourself..

    • It’s not a prophecy that Obama will take you guns and give you the microchip. That is a very poor exegesis and terrible hermeneutics. I am a conservative evangelical Christian, however, you are reciting a version of “folk religion” with conspiracy theories intertwined. This is not Christianity.

      For a quick glance at four theological views of the idea of 666, see this: http://ask.yuriyandinna.com/2012/09/04/is-666-a-chip-or-something-else/

    • They gave us weed, and now they what to take away the guns.
      Weed was for people to be dumb, and that will bring zombies, when everyone is gonna be eating each other because of the hunger. And guns, they want to take control over everything, this is not only the United States, It’s the Illuminati that is doing this, they want to have the same rules for the whole world, and then why do you think the WHOLE world is gonna go against the Israel, well give it a guess, the world is gonna be very messed up and Israel is where are Gods people. They will hate God, cause of the things he will do to the world cause of their own SINS! read the Revelations, really interesting, and you will probably see why things are happening and when.

  6. I mean really freaking out over this is just stupidity. I am a religious person but not to be rude, there has been holes in the bibles logic before just saying.

    • Dear A, I agree people are freaking out without any logic or intellect. It is very unfortunate and shameful. Coming from the Christian side of the fence I assure you most of these “holes in the Bibles logic” are actually holes in some “Christian’s” logic. The same kind of “Christians” that think Obama will be microchipping them soon. It is unfortunate they were raised “Christian” and think they represent “Christianity.” I assure you this is not what Christianity really is, but many of its representatives are horrid and highly unlearned examples of “folk religion.” I apologize that your run ins with Christianity have been with bad followers rather than Christ himself.

      Christianity is not anti-intellectual or anti-rational, it is anything but, however some who purport to be Christians are. That is unfortunate.

  7. If it is suppose to be for medical purposes then we can wear it around our necks instead of implanting in our bodies. I do believe it’s the mark of the beast

  8. No offense about anyone who voted for Obama, I voted for him my self proudly. but in other words “This bullshit” of Micro Chip wanting to place a micro them in humans what happening to our freedom The pledge of allegiance states “For Liberty and Justice for all” yea right bullshit “Liberty”? I don’t agree with this chip!!!!

  9. Lisa. You fucking tart, this whole article just explained that the chip wasn’t happening yet here you are babbling that it shall commence. How ignorant of you.

  10. well look at it this way if it does happen than thankfully we live in a country where we can fight it. if it doesnt well then lets move on. i for one tho will not be getting it. i mean i cant afford insurance how the hell am i going to buy this freaking thing even if i did want it.

  11. gun control yes we need to make sure no mentally unstable people can get them and no a crimanal should not be able to just walk into a shop and get one but leave it at these measures do not take them away from law abiding citizens who use and care for them responsibly!

    • Pamela, you are correct that is unfortunate, but all Christians are not like this. We may disagree with some of the more socially hip ideas in todays post-modern culture, and align ourselves to an objectivist approach to truth, which does put us at odds. However, we do so without crazy rants and unintelligible recitations of conspiracy theories. I apologize for the “Christians” you have met who were anti-intellectual and put you off.

      • Sorry you feel that way it is a christian issue. It is a biblical prophecy and you my friend like the rest of us will find out the truth soon. I believe you’r opinion is wrong and just that your opinion.

  12. Helloooo….something has been the “mark of the beast” 3000 times. Remember when it was the bar code on stuff you buy? Prove to me that anything in a book full of fictional stories and woman-hating and slavery can tell me what is going to happen to me 2000 years after it was written.

  13. Yes, but now they will take away this 150 million guns away from the hands of this fellow citizens…so how to start a war without guns????

    • They have the advantage of Drones and I do believe they possess the technology to look into homes with drones. The technology was developed a few years ago! I am a Christian an very worried about this as well!

  14. I think its the mark of the beast they can kiss my ass n go striaght to hell me n my family will not take n the ppl who was dumb ass voting him

  15. I am a faithful christian.I believe everything in the bible is true and will happen. With all of these signs being exposed to the world (earthquakes, war plans, etc..) this truly makes one worry about the coming of Jesus to judge all sinners. Something like this HAS to happen. If it does not happen now, it must happen in the near future. The true question is-when? This is why people are so afraid of this microchip.

  16. it is harder to believe a big lie then a bunch of small one’s you think they will tell us every thing there going to do use the brain god gave you people have been after power and control sense the start of time

  17. No matter who is President the bible will be forfilled!..I for one have not heard nothing about this microchip but on the internet..

  18. You all should just calm down even if this is real there is no need to go crazy or be afraid. If you know your going to heaven and only heaven why be afraid of this. Even if this nightmare becomes true, you know what you have to do. Just wait for the one you belive in. This just means that that the lord is coming soon be happy, be ready! Besides everybody has a mark in this world either the mark of the beast or the seal of god. It depends if you the right thing and fallow the 10 rules, or you the wrong things being careless of the harm it’s causing. This RFID is really easy to negate since you cannot be forced to implant it as long as you don’t accept it yourslef. If your forced to implant it and you weren’t accepting it your still save keep your faith up don’t let lost people fool you.

  19. I am not even going to read all of the non-sense that you wrote above there! A part of it is true though. AAA little.
    The RFID Micro Chip, is the official “Mark of the beast (666)” that bible talks about. No doubt, believe it or not! And everyone must know that. The most important thing is not to inject it, this might take time until it will be required to buy or sell, I don’t know exactly what is the whole plan, obviously Satan is going to take it slow, and do it smart, he is the father of the lies, Just as the cards (Debit/Credit) were getting into the world, everyone was scared (Whats up the money online through a card, and thought it was evil) but no it was not, BUT Satan did take it slow to reach the RFID Chip. But yes at first the Medical is not gonna be valid without it, and then everything else. That is my guess, but I am pretty sure. And in time money would only be valid through the RFID Chip. AND no you would not be able to inject it anywhere else, only the forehead or the right hand, it is required! And Yuriy are you even Christian or doing the Devils work, why are you blinding people? Don’t even say anything because I will not reply to your non-sense! You need Jesus, and your whole Family. I feel sorry for you!! I’m sorry that you have the retardation illness.. :/

    • People will try to turn Christians away from God! Sadly they know his words and his Commandment but refuse to believe or follow. The devil is awfully busy right now, even on this website. You are on the right track, first Medical and then everything else!

  20. how about everyone calm down for real now that their sacred date of fear has passed, everyone is at home, no mass chipping, no stock market crash, no world war 3, get over it, live your life and enjoy it.

  21. Of course the bill will not bluntly say ”RFID” or ”microchip.” That would ruin their plan to chip us all. H.R 3200, 3590, and 3962 WAS signed and passed on 3/23/13. It is mandatory for ALL U.S citizens to have the RFID chip implanted in all of us per Obamacare.

  22. You guys this is true god is true and Jesus. Jesus died for ur sins. Come on don’t take the chip or ur go to hell this is not fake it’s real god is real if u don’t believe this then just pray and say god show ‘me if ur real then he will. Read the bible go to church. Be Christian. Go dis real and Jesus. Annan he died for your sins he made you who made the world god who made. You ever thing else god he made the stars he made the moon the sun ever thing Jesus died for you if u don’t believe this ok don’t. be. In hell And ask god. Give ‘me. One more change But he won’t I think but. Good I know he is real with out Jesus and god I can live and family Be good so don’t take the. Chip or you’ll go to hell so do what I say. Read. The bible go to church be christan

  23. I knew I should have brought my foil hat. God sent down his word through man but did man write it down correctly, if they did why are there so many interpretations of the same book?

  24. Ignorance? Tell me who’s more ignorant…those who are on their guard/reading the signs of the times, or those who believe that the government can’t possibly force us into doing anything we don’t want to? Come on! The government is forcing us to carry health insurance. If we don’t we will be ordered to pay a hefty fine. By the way, it’s not a one & done fine, it’s a yearly fine. Why should my family be forced to pay a costly premium w/ high deductibles, when we can put into our savings account & pull from that as needed to cover medical expenses?

  25. / Begin RantThese “you’re going to hell” things are frustrating. I doubt God would condemn people for half of these reasons. We’re all imperfect and we all do stuff that probably “condemns us to hell” in the Bible, even Christians (me included). The Bible was written in words that apply to a different culture/time/people, and a pretty different world. So much of it doesn’t carry over to our time, which is why it’s impossible to interpret the Bible exactly right.

    I’ve always believed that God loves everyone unconditionally, as a Father should. Maybe being disappointed when you do something he doesn’t approve of, but not outright hating you for it. No one knows what God will do with anyone’s soul when they die, but I have a feeling that he is always willing to accept us into Heaven (even when we feel like we have fallen too far). God loves all of us, no matter what; and he’s very understanding of our mistakes. Whether we get sent to hell is his decision, for his reasons, and it’s not mine or any Christian’s place to judge why someone is going based on our perceptions of right and wrong (or our interpretations of the Bible).

    To me, Christians should live as Christ did. Love unconditionally, treating people how you’d like to be treated, accept people for who they are but encourage them to be the best version of themselves, be selfless, be understanding and courteous of others’ beliefs, be willing to help others without expecting compensation, etc. And all the while struggling with everything that makes us imperfect, human; because we can’t be exactly like Christ. It just isn’t who we are, it’s why he died.

    I think of it like climbing an old rickety staircase to Heaven, you might stumble on some steps, fall through others, but if your will is strong and you don’t give up on God. You’ll make it to the top. :)
    / End Rant

    TL;DR. I’m sorry for all of the hatred that so many Christians spread with all of these hell comments. No one is perfect, and I just wanted to let anyone reading this know that God loves you and always will. When you’re ready to accept him, he’ll be there. You just gotta be willing to take the first step. ;P

    • Thankyou for making sense. Glad to know there are some people who sees God for who he is. I will die loyal to him. I don’t know for sure if this is the mark or not, but I’m not taking it. Better sure than wrong. Never liked needles anyways. Or government for that matter. If anyone needs advice or help or comfort or just wants to talk, email me:egoturner@gmail.com or text me 478-288-5665.

    • Go ahead and take the mark of the beast! It is no rant, it is God’s word. God also gave us free agency and you are welcomed to use yours!

  26. Well a little city in Wyoming has just made it mandatory! All city officials/workers and anyone receiving public assistance! Anyone feeling like an asshat yet? Also Mexico began a year ago but I am sure you never heard that in your MainStream Media!

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