Is it sin to wear makeup?


“Do you think its wrong for girls to wear makeup, is there anything in the bible against that?”


No, there is nothing in the bible condemning makeup.

There are a few more obscure prophetic verses such as Ezekiel 23:40-42 that people try to use to condemn all make up, however upon closer inspection it is easy to see that these few verses do not speak about make up at all.  Consider the case of the Ezekiel passage, bathing and sitting on an elegant couch are also condemned in the context of doing it while ignoring God.  Should we likewise stop bathing or sitting on a couch?  The other passage always used to condemn all make up shows the wicked queen Jezebel painting her eyes, 2 Kings 9:30, yet again nothing in the Bible states that this was a sinful thing.  The same passage also says she looked out of the window, if we assume one behavior is sin why not the other? Should we all stop looking out of windows?

It is commonly said that “God created women the way they look, so they are saying Gods handiwork is not good enough when they alter their appearance.”  However those same people will say hair cuts are allowable; do they not alter the natural appearance that we were created with? Or what about deodorant? Does it not alter the natural smell of our bodies?  Most men who use this argument also shave. Is not a beard the “natural” look for a man? In truth the “not-natural” argument fails terribly.

Yet we must be careful not to leap forward without any tact or wisdom.  The bible says women and girls should dress modestly and with self-control (1 Tim 2:9-10).   Someone who is modest is marked by simplicity and has a humble opinion of them-self.  Often young women can use their appearance as way to be immodest, prideful, and put their own self forward above Christ.  In 1 Sam 16:7  are told God looks at the heart not appearance yet women should be very careful not to allow appearance cause them to neglect their heart.

Another thing to be mindful of is the culture and what is considered excessive. Very often in the real world (as opposed to photo-shoots) a large amount of makeup is seen as highly unattractive by the majority of people.  Also some cultures associate a particular style of makeup with excessive sensuality.  Please be wary of this.  In addition a young woman should be in agreement with her parents good wishes and later her husbands desires. So if you feel highlighting a few features is displaying Gods craftsmanship in you, if you’re trying to be clean, attractive, and presentable before you husband that is good.  If you’re trying to be boastful and attract men, it is a problem.


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