The Green Bible

Is regular scripture reading becoming a boring experience? Are you having trouble finding something in the Book that is hip, relevant, and exciting? Are the red letters highlighting the things that are not important for you? Then you are in for a treat!

Coming to a Christian store near you is the all new “Green Bible!”

I love creation. I think trees are beautiful. I think everything around us is a wonderful gift and we ought to be good stewards of that which we have by Gods mercy. Yet when I picked up this bible I could not help but think how silly the whole concept was.

This bible is made with “Recycled paper, using soy-based ink with a cotton/linen cover,” contains over a thousand “verses and passages that speak to God’s care for creation highlighted in green,” and comes with a tagline: “Understand the Bibles Powerful Message for the Earth.” As if that were not enough it also comes with “an appendix with information on further reading, how to get involved, and practical steps to take” which reads just like an Greenpeace tract.

I repeat again, I like the earth, thank God for it, and dont think we should ruin it.

That said, it would appear to me that God’s main purpose for giving us His Word in written form was to reveal timeless truths about Himself and to arrest our focus OFF of creation and ON to Creator. In fact, I would argue, placing the spotlight on created things vs Creator…. is actually classical IDOLATRY. Every little kid knows one of the ten commandments explicitly forbids honoring created things over their Creator.

And yet.

Here we have a Bible that accentuates above Creator God…. the created earth.

On the back, one reviewer, makes it all explicit with these dire words: “this is the book we’ve been waiting for.” Alas, the Jesus oriented bible we’ve had for ages just did not do.


Its another sad day in paradise … the autobiography of God has been taken over by crazy people with green highlighters.


“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away”

Matthew 24:35

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