The Journey Begins

These last few years God took me on a journey.

We traveled in a boat; travailing many rough seas and dark, turbulent rivers. Many a time, I was nearly lost; many twists and turns took me in the wrong direction, and its only by Grace that my Navigator led me through.

From being engrossed in performance based legalism to dabbling with the thirdwave charismatic movement & prosperity gospel, I have sought to find truth in it all.

Yet, as it turns out, the Truth was an ancient Gospel of freedom which was all along drawing me nearer to Christ.

As Ive come to understand the magnificent beauty of un-earnable Grace, I have simultaneously come to see the darker side of religion. Silly rituals and superstitions that juxtaposed to the real Gospel are enough to wake me up in the middle of the night with a bloodcurdling scream.

Oh, thank you Jesus for Your unmerited favor towards me and the freedom from silly myths!
On that note, this blog is the beginning of a small journey as well; a short exploration of the frivolous things we Christians can believe. It will also chronicle other thoughts, musings, reflections, and dispatches from a regular man, sick and tired of earning Grace.
The Journey begins.

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