Top 3 (Christian themed) fantasy book series

top christian fantasy books

In my experience, some people often assume that fiction books are not stimulating for the mind and are a waste of time. Others assume fiction books are for for the ignorant or the children.  While this may be true for some books, there are others that have had a lasting effect on my personal and even spiritual development. CS Lewis once said “some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” There are a few book series that can spark your imagination, kindle your enthusiasm, and ignite a childish fascination at the wonders of this universe. These books can make you forget about the grey concrete jungle around you and remember the intricate glory that is happening behind the scenes. Now that Autumn is rolling in this is the perfect time to read. Challenge yourself.


The Lord of the Rings

This was the first fantasy book series I that I read in my life; I was about twelve. At the time I had to hide this from my parents because I was afraid they would not understand the “scary pictures” on the cover. While there is now a nine hour film trilogy, the books are still worth reading if you have never done it. Tolkien packs a literary punch. He dreams up a world full of adventure in which the power of sin, in the form of a ring that grants its bearer ultimate power, is defeated after a long and perilous journey.

 The Chronicles of Narnia

After I started reading the Narnia series, I discovered its author was a prolific Christian theologian and philosopher. The seven books of this series opened the door into a world where mythological creatures sprung to life and four abandoned children became kings. Lewis introduces you to a Lion, named Aslan, who fiercly rules the land and wages war against the powers of evil, and he gently guides the children on their journey to become rulers with him.

The Circle Series

This is the most recent fantasy book series to fall into my hands. I had rediscovered my faith and was trying to understand the Gospel when the first book fell into my hands. I spent many late nights reading this series. There is literally a moment in the ‘Red’ book where I read and wept, I was so struck by the raw emotion. In this series, Dekker reinvents the story of creation, fall, and redemption, all through the eyes of a modern day man who wakes up in a fantasy world.


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